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7 Ways To Save The Most Money On Your Upcoming Vacation

Struggling to come up with extra money for an oh so needed vacation? You can have a great vacation without breaking the bank.  The most amazing destinations await: Disney, Europe, Australia, etc. All within reach. Keep reading to learn how you can save the most money on your upcoming vacation.

Saving Money For Your Vacation

7 Ways To Save The Most Money On Your Upcoming Vacation

Saving Money On Regular Purchases

This stacks up fast. Groceries, gas, clothes, you can save money on all of it! How? There are a bunch of ways. Check out my favorite money-saving apps that help you earn cash back, save money with coupons, and get big discounts, all money that can go toward your vacation fund.

  • Ibotta
  • TopCashback
  • Honey
  • Ebates
  • Swagbucks

Buying In Bulk

7 Ways To Save The Most Money On Your Upcoming Vacation

Buying your groceries in bulk is the best thing ever! Not only do you save big on your household goods but that stuff feels like it lasts forever! I mean, who wouldn’t be happy with a 6 month supply of toilet paper or trash bags. Try this out!

Live Like A College Student

Another way to save money that you can put toward a vacation. Remember those good ol’ college days? Eating ramen, carpooling, using your college discount everywhere you can. Live like this for a month, try it out, and watch how much you rack up in savings. It’s not all that bad.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Start menu planning
  • Batch cook and freeze leftovers
  • Start couponing (Ibotta and TopCashback you’ll love)
  • Buy discount clothes from Goodwill, dollar stores, or other budget stores
  • Carpool to save on fuel costs
  • Request to work from home twice a week to save on fuel costs

Start A Savings Plan

An oldie but goodie. If you don’t already, open a savings account. Set aside a portion of your paycheck every pay period to automatically deposit. One and done!

Start Couponing

Touched above a bit but I mean, really start couponing. Start getting a Sunday newspaper, scout out coupon blogs, check out the Krazy Coupon Lady. There are tons of ways to get coupons for store purchases. You might even start to like it!

Pick An Affordable Destination

7 Ways To Save The Most Money On Your Upcoming Vacation

Vacation doesn’t always have to mean Disneyland or a European getaway. There are plenty of affordable options to take advantage of. As a kid, we always used to take a vacation to Six Flags theme park. It was a few hours away. Just far enough to stay the night, just close enough to avoid a pricey flight. Some other ideas:

  • National parks
  • Sightseeing destinations
  • Waterparks
  • Visiting family and friends

Invest In A Timeshare

Really? Yes, sometimes you spend money to make money. Let me explain. If you are a regular vacationer, like once a year or more frequent, it may make more sense to invest in a timeshare. You can get a plan that lets you take advantage of homes or resorts in major tourist areas like Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, and more. This can end up being a lot cheaper than expensive hotel stays or renting an entire house for your family.

Final Thoughts

You see, there are ways to indulge in a vacation without breaking the bank. My biggest advice: plan, plan, plan. You can afford almost (ALMOST) anything if you plan the right way for it. Start thinking ahead and put together a plan for your next trip!

Do you have budget vacation tips to share? Comment below so we can keep expanding on the list!

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